Sunny Side Pup Club
Building the future one pup at a time...
3D Metaverse Game/Experience!
Land for holders to build on!
Animated Series on YouTube!
Own the rights to your unique pup!
OMG! Breeding and Mutations!
Benefit rescue dogs and social justice!

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Our mint is currently paused, as the pups have gone wild!
We will make an announcement when the mint is open again, stay tuned!

Mint Not Open

These pups want you!

We are creating a 3D science-fiction SSPC metaverse game where holders can plug in their NFTs and become part of the rich lore, further evolving the storyline!
Offering land in our 3D metaverse for holders to build on!
A holders-driven animated series for YouTube.

The founder/artist of the SSPC has over 30 years of professional experience in film, TV, music, and games, all digital since the 80s!

There will be breeding, there will be mutations!

WAGMI Let's Go!

A Psychedelic Science Fiction Story

From the depths of Darkmass Labs, genetically engineered clones, designed as bioweapons and code named SSPs were created. The SSPs broke loose and now roam the world freely, a danger to themselves as well as the global population, due to their sheer size and numbers, they are strong, breeding, and mutating!

Exposed to social media and modern culture, they took on personalities of their own. A group of rogue scientists and androids banded together to form a secret society and save the SSPs or what they like to call "Sunny Side Pups". Using Web3 technologies and social media, they created a global virtual network, The Sunny Side Pup Club. Please help save these unique and lovable (in their own way) creatures before it is too late!
Sunny Side Pup Samples

Roadmap Milestones

5K NFTs with 100 SUPER RARE 1/1s randomly scattered throughout the collection. Living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Phase 1 Ethereum Launch

- OG Presale .04 ETH, Pups Gone Wild! Mint is paused.

- WL Presale .05 ETH, TBA

- Public Sale .07 ETH, TBA

- 50% of all proceeds will go back into the project to build the 3D metaverse game and animated series!

- Own the rights to your unique NFT!

- Helps rescue dogs and social justice, 5% to each.
- Remainder is for team building, infrastructure, and marketing.

SSPC is listed on NFT Calendar SSPC is listed on NFT Evening SSPC is listed on Rarity Sniper

Phase 2 Land and Community

- There will be land available to build on in our 3D SSPC Metaverse, this is how the game begins!

- We will have giveaways and offers for the community.

- Online events and get togethers.

- Early access to future projects and mints.

Phase 3 ALERT! Breeding & Mutations

R U kidding me?

These pups like a good time, and we have heard there are other weird creatures in the depths of Darkmass Labs!

What does this mean?
Are we talking about other Sunny Side "somethings" ?

‍Our insiders tell us that the pups are only the first, and in fact they like to breed with other creatures, hey don't judge them.

So there will be breeding, your pups with other pups or maybe with other kinds of "things".

And what happens in the end?

Well probably some kind of weird psychedelic mutation what else would you expect?

Where there were two now there are 3!

And mutations you say?

Can't have hybrids without mutations, who knows what kinds of mutations, these pups look pretty mutated already!

Well there will be more using certain formulas that can be found in the depths of Darkmass Labs !

Where there was a "simple" freaky Sunny Side Pup, there is now an even freakier Sunny Side "something" !!!

Phase 4 Merchandise

- Merchandise will be available for purchase to print your SSPC NFT on clothing, items, posters, and more!

- 70% of all proceeds will go back into the project treasury to continue to grow the team, brand, and benefit the community.

Phase 5 The Future

There are many exciting endeavors we'd like to develop with the help of the SSPC community!

- Ongoing development of the SSPC metaverse game and experience for holders to build on with their own land!

- Additional next generation Sunny Side Pup NFT collections related to the lore including full 3D wicked cool pups and Darkmass Labs collections!

- We are creating an animated YouTube series which holders can help shape!

- Finally we'd like to facilitate other projects outside of the SSPC metaverse and help bootstrap them by empowering them to evolve, and avoid some of the growing pains we experienced as a startup.

Sunny Side Pup Club, saving the future one pup at a time.

A cool Sunny Side Pup Club NFT with dark blue mirrored sunglasses and a psychedelic colorful face of swirling colors in a cage background.

Artist Statement

Beyond creating a 3D metaverse for holders to build and play in, developing an animated series, saving pups in real life, supporting social justice, creating new collections to build out the brand, the long-term goal is to nurture other projects, to join communities together globally. Boundaries are illusions and only create more problems. All of us together can create whatever world we can imagine. Right now our world is more of a dystopia. The powers that be like it that way. The rest of us suffer endlessly. Web3 offers us a new chance to change the course of human history and finally work towards the opposite, which is a utopian society. Where everyone matters and everyone succeeds, when WE all work together to help each other do so. That is our ultimate goal here. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is, that's why we say "This NFT needs you!" because it does. The NFTs are a catalyst to make real changes in the world happen for the common good.

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Business Development Team

A cool Sunny Side Pup Club NFT with dark blue mirrored sunglasses and a psychedelic colorful face of swirling colors in a cage background.

Jeff (Brainbyte), Creator
30+ years of experience at the cross-roads of creative and tech. Has worked on games, films, series, marketing videos, Web sites, and startups. Passionate problem solver, product leader, and project manager.

SSPC Sample

Rundig, Developer
Smart contracts, Dapps, full-stack Web developer. He has decades of experience in IT, coding, and dev including games, apps, SAAS, and blockchain. Solid on both front-end and back-end dev.

A Sunny Side Pup Club NFT with sunglasses and fire in the background.

Cyn, Artist
An artist in her own right with an anime style. She is a Discord and social media veteran. Developing her own NFT collection as well which will launch after SSPC sells out and becomes our second brand.

A Sunny Side Pup Club NFT with monarch butterfly wings and yellow sunglasses.

Cheryl, Marketing Manager
Fine artist with a unique style that moves across genres. She manages our marketing, makes sure everything is running smoothly, and looks great! Decades of experience in marketing, design, and fine arts.

SSPC Sample

Mike, Lead Discord Scientist
Many years of experience in the digital world growing and shaping communities. A developer of apps as well as leading efforts to save the Earth and solve climate change.

SSPC Sample

Joe, Events Manager
Decades in the area of night life, managing clubs, organizing events, and leading efforts for A-list brands on both coasts. Deep knowledge and understanding of Web3.

SSPC Sample

ArtGirl, Producer
Organizes and maintains relationships with various dog rescue organizations and shelters. Continuously supports all our logistical needs and backend administration.

The Beagle!

The Beagle
The inspiration for The Sunny Side Pup Club and the soul that permeates all of the art and our daily efforts on this project. His bright light shines on forever as does his playful and kind hearted spirit.

Community & Marketing Team

These people represent our Humane Utility. By minting our NFTs you are also helping support their dreams, goals, and survival. They are the unsung heroes of this project and that is why our Humane Utility was created. Because for the world to change we need to start making those changes when and where we can. This is what we are trying to do here, this is what Web3 can facilitate, to help improve peoples lives globally. WAGMI is truth.

SSPC Sample

Spontaneous, Senior Mod
Co-founder of an interior design firm with an eye for tech and art. Lover of NFTs, growing experience in digital marketing & community management. I hope to reduce the level of poverty in my region by creating more jobs and opportunities.

SSPC Sample

King Favour, Senior Mod
A seasoned community manager and moderator. Technical analyst, futures, and spot trader. Lover of Web3 & have high hopes its future. Love to learn new things as learning never ends!

SSPC Sample

Wojak, Mod
23 year old living in India supporting a family of 4, studying to be a software developer. 1 paycheck away from being homeless. His dad is 54 with a lot of health problems. Would like to find a good job so they can all live a better life.

SSPC Sample

Alex, Mod
Community Manager, Project Advisory who believes in Web3 and continues to learn on every project he comes across. Also a technical analyst, DeFi student, and Forex trader. Musician who plays Keyboard (piano) and would like to learn Sax.

SSPC Sample

Prime II, Mod
A collaboration and community manager who is looking forward to a future where NFTs, crypto, and Web3 Metaverse rules. I am also a medical student working to be the best possible version of myself.

SSPC Sample

I Am 23 yrs old, a graphic designer, house painter, and I also create art for branded products like clothing. I just want to be able to process my admission to study computer science but do not have enough money. I have no help.

SSPC Sample

Elizabeth, Mod
I’m 19 years old, from Ukraine. I am a community manager, love NFTs, and love to communicate with people. I’m a very kind and good person as people have said. I have a new pet mouse as also. Hope this war ends soon.

SSPC Sample

Bob, Mod
Social media marketer, I have been working in collaboration for a long time on Discord. A graphic designer in a local company. I have a folk band in which I sing folk songs and am a student studying in Hons final year at a public university.

SSPC Sample

KDBass, Mod
22 from Nigeria,I am an NFT enthusiast, and musician (guitar/bass). I just wanna make good music and let the whole world enjoy the substance music has.....working on my solo album. Quite expensive so I had to put it on hold until I can afford to go on...hoping to push forward pretty soon.

SSPC Sample

Barthiwu, Mod
An Interior Decorator and a Social Media Manager who does Discord community management and moderation as a side gig. A lover of movies, music and art, these fostered my desire to join the NFT world. I joined the NFT space to create some funds to bolster my brands.

SSPC Sample

Wolverine, Mod
25 years old, from Pakistan. Graduated in Business Administration (Marketing). Discord Marketing and E-Commerce are my fields. I am here to create community and opportunities by making servers and projects successful.

SSPC Sample

Gibbrelin, Mod
Lover of art & music which made me have Interest in NFT projects. A musician (plays 4 instruments), just want to minister to people through the power of music. Student in Forex trading and technical analysis also studying accounting. I dream to make enough cash to pursue my music career.

SSPC Sample

Kathee, Mod
I'm 23 years old from US. I love NFT's, crypto, and Forex trading. Have good communication skills. Really want to make a better life for myself and those around. I love to learn new things and I'm glad too be a part of this project. Thanks for the opportunity and God bless you all...

SSPC Sample

Fadyman, Mod
From Canada, 23 years old. 1 year experience in collabs and chatters on Discord. I am a computer science student and work as a Website programmer. I really hope this project takes off as I need help with my living expenses until I can graduate.

SSPC Sample

Steve, Mod
A community shiller and manger for close to a year now. I love experiencing Web3 and getting to see new NFTs designs. I believe the world ecosystem is gonna change to where we trade with NFTs and NFTs only, I believe NFTs could change the world for the better.

SSPC Sample

Dennis, Mod
22 years old, 2 years of experience in community moderating. Currently working as a printer and NFT Enthusiast. I have immersed myself in Web3 with my knowledge of crypto. I hope to make enough money so I can get into university and study to become a pilot.

Sunny Side Pup Club rotating metallic cube with electricity flowing over it on a flowing blood like background.

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